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Chiropractic care has many different elements:

         - Information and advise

         - Manual therapy

         - Adjustments and chiropractic manipulation

         - Soft tissue release

         - Exercises and rehabilitation

         - Prevention

Information and advise can be a separate and important part of your treatment regime. Individual knowledge about your injury and how to handle it during activities of daily living is very important for a successful treatment.

Manual therapy consist of a wide range of methods, where the chiropractor utilise his or her hands to release restrictions in tight muscles, stiff joints etc.

Adjustments and chiropractic manipulation is a speciality of the chiropractor where a small, quick pressure is used to release restricted joint in your back, neck, arm, or leg. A slight audible click is often heard.

Soft tissue release is used on muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Exercises and rehabilitation relies on you to activate and strengthen lost function and stability in the injured area. Depending on your problem, it may be core strengthening exercises, stretches to increase flexibility, or training to improve coordination.

Prevention is an important part of care. It is not unusual for a problem to return, once there has been an injury. Prevention is often based on exercises and improved posture during activities.


Looking for fast, effective and lasting relief? then chiropractic may be the answer

- Neck Pain
- Back Pain
- Leg Pain
- Arm Pain
- Postural Problems
- Slipped Disc
- Repetitive Strain Injury
- Sports Injuries
- Jaw Problems
- Trapped Nerves
- Whiplash Associated Disorders

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